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Whether it's bookmarks for recipes you want to try, photos from your recent vacation, or just random thoughts, journal entries, and ideas, Zindrop is a place to collect and organize those things you want to remember.

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Save Interesting Web Pages, Articles, Notes, and Thoughts.

Like social media platforms, you can add photographs, thoughts, or bookmarks, but with Zindrop, you decide what you want to share. Make everything public, or share only pieces. It's up to you.

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Interesting Finds

There's a whole internet to explore. Save and organize the good stuff so you always have it handy. With Zindrop, you can save your favorite articles and websites with ease.

Relive Your

From photos of far away destinations visited, or cherished memories closer to home, zindrop makes it easy to save and organize your photos. Reliving your most cherished memeories is as easy as scrolling.

Write About Your Life, Thoughts, and Things that Matter to You

Zindrop is an fantastic tool for writing random ideas, journal entires, or notes on topics of interest.

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Keep all of your posts organized based on tags. Create collections of content and craft your own web.

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Create publicly viewable collections based on your tags, or keep everything private. It's up to you.

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We don't target ads to you based on what you post. What you add to your account is for you alone.